Breakthrough Healing


Deeply Well

I feel deeply WELL after your soothing and aligning treatment yesterday.
Your attuning words and intuitive touch brought me into the ever-present NOW where I could sense my body/mind/spirit receiving all the love in the field you created and accessed. You are a true conduit for authentic LOVE aligned with that purpose which radiates from you and permeates those around you.
Thank you for this great GIFT and may your good work thrive and spread!
~ Shahastra Levi ~ Artist



Breakthrough Healing

Kate is a true healer. She holds the space for breakthrough–guided, passionate, loving and profound… words can barely express.
~ Peter Galway ~ therapist, addiction counselor, musician



Bodywork Blessings

I am so grateful to have found you.
I’ve worked with really good bodyworkers, but no one that is able to hold the emotional and energetic container you’re able to hold.
Many, many thanks and lots of love,
~ Theresa