Defining Spirituality

I have a mystical bent and a practical spirituality, a desire to feel and experience the teachings that are in many ways well known ~ books that deliver a transmissions in energy invite me into deeper and more expansive understandings ~ where they are not ‘about’ the practice so to speak but flow with an energy that I feel the experience of life/death/love/passion/truth/mystery ~

I find many mentors in the least likely places. But for the work to be complete it must offer me a way to use it everyday ~ walk the unflinching path into my own experience and truth. The Course in Miracles has been with me for 30 years, but so have the teachings of many of the Holy Books of Ancient Wisdom; the Torah, the Bible, the Upanishads, the I Ching, the Tao, the Bagivad Gita, my eclectic sourcing had me dive in any place where my heart opens ~ that is what my spirituality is ~ poetry moves me with Rumi, Hafiz, Mary Oliver, David Whyte, and Gibran, still an old stand by.

I love to go to the places where my spiritual humanity is authentically stirred and invite the powerful spiritual insights that call me to my highest capacities as a human being to unfold in me as well. My life is made meaningful and I am whole is this practice each day.

I define spirituality as a state of consciousness of loving, grace and peace, beyond all dogma or doctrine, it is that which gives me and all humanity access to our highest capacities as human beings ~ that which evolves through us as we grow within ~ love, peace, kindness, openness, abundance, grace, power, purity, alignment, oneness. It allows in us a spacious inclusive and flowing experience in which we connect with each other through love and are fully aware of the world around us and the beauty and at peace through it all.

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