A La Carte


You are the Center

I see You, beyond your seeing of you.

When you need something. When it has gotten to the place, or maybe just before the place, that you are at your wits end. When you need some love, some care, some compassion for where you find yourself or what your life has handed you, I am here.

For Immediate Needs
And Self Reconnection


All sessions are an eclectic blend of Katherine’s skills and aptitudes
and include access to all of her areas of expertise.

All sessions (in person or not) will include a variety of the following if
appropriate or desired:
heart centered listening, coaching, spiritual guidance, wholeness and
healing guidance, deep restorative healing, wholeness and healing
care, health and wellness, practices for Self Mastery and Leadership,
Prayer, Centering, and holistic Beauty Alchemy.

In-person sessions and weekend retreat days may also include gentle
body/mind/heart & soul healing including :
hands-on healing, oncology massage, energy work, spiritual healing,
release work,
alignment and other body centered practices.


Hot Spot Connection

In a Hot Spot Connection, we will join together, usually on the phone or on Zoom/Skype or in person if that is preferable. We will explore what it is that needs to be addressed in you for the meeting of your immediate needs or reconnection to yourself. These sessions will provide opportunities for healing, transformation, and personal growth through all the modalities Katherine works with. It is not necessary to be in person to receive full benefit and if you feel it would be enhanced for you to be in person that is available to you.

For a free 1 hour consultation to explore working together, reach out on the contact page >

Personal Retreat

On a Personal Retreat day (or weekend) we will come together in a wholistic exploration of what you need/want, what will fill you and what would give you back to yourself. There are many options for being cared for and guided in self-reconnection. This is a personally sourced day so you will be at the helm, with me right beside you, discerning what will be the greatest path for you to come together in a way that you feel whole, nourished and renewed by the end of our time together. You will not be alone. We will journey together, we will find what is soul satisfying, we will move in whatever direction your spirit and your soul want to move.

Our day will be full of honor and grace. Of a fulfillment of what is most meaningful to you even if you haven’t the slightest idea when you arrive. We will find it. And we will give it to you. You will leave replenished, rejuvenated and possibly in love with life in a way that you have not imagined for a while.

If the day (or days) is for a couple we will work very carefully to develop both time together and apart to allow for the fruitful loving and self attention necessary to be alive in this day.

For a free 1 hour consultation to explore working together, reach out on the contact page >

Touch of Love™

“I am moved beyond words for the gift of the sacred journey that is healing that comes through my heart and hands. My hands are a touch of love, my heart an embrace of light, my words an awareness of the infinite, your body a holy temple of wholeness and radiant light. Blessings and love to All. ~ Katherine”

Dynamic transformational somatic loving touch, is a hands-on invitation into the field of wholeness as we explore access to the highest levels of our combined internal resonance in wisdom, healing and power. This is a unique form of non-massage and no-oil hands on body work that works in your consciousness and energy field while grounding the body in itself. It allows for the body to stay present and feel into what release is desired and because it is transformational it also has the possibility of miraculous shifts in client body and consciousness as they let go, releasing a pattern of fear into the power of coherence in body and mind, heart, soul and spirit and choose a new experience of expression as they are becoming resonant in a field of love.

For a free 1 hour consultation to explore working together, reach out on the contact page >

Raw Naked Beauty Day

Raw Naked Beauty is a day of seeing the deepest beauty that you are and is available to women, men and couples. It is an invitation into the deepest sense of seeing our beauty for the power and strength that it is. A consultation is required before sign up in order to produce the desired results and for clients as they experience of the honor and courage of seeing themselves in their magnificent essence beauty and photographed from that place.

Raw Naked Beauty days have a maximum of 3 participants.

For a free 1 hour consultation to explore working together, reach out on the contact page >

“You are a true conduit for authentic LOVE aligned with that purpose which radiates from you and permeates those around you …”

Heba Kandil

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