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Power Coupling ~ Coming Together When Life is Falling Apart ~

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Are you moving from the possibility of having it all to the possibility of losing it all? Do you fantasize about even just one area running smoothly?

Would you give anything to find some way that you could have one minute to yourself?

In Power Coupling, Katherine McClelland applies thirty years of coaching and training to share a step-by-step guide that will alleviate the challenges of balancing your life and igniting your inner passion.

If you are thinking of giving up going it Alone,

   Power Coupling will teach you:

  • The 3 critical principles successful people use to make their efforts powerful and efficient
  • Strategies for patient and kind communication in all your different roles
  • How to focus on one area of your life at a time while staying connected to all the things that matter most to you
  • How to find out exactly what you need – and how to get others to give you exactly what you want.

Feel the sense of your power, impact, and influence as Power Coupling takes you on a journey through practical tools that work and into the expanded lens of exploring the deeper terrain underlying your life. The life of your dreams is only a few pages away.

This a book for anyone whose life feels overwhelmed and wants to have partnerships that support the life of their dreams!

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Excerpted from the book:

“Coming Home to You.
At the
Edge of the Dream,
throw yourself
all the way

“The whole point of this book is to teach you how to live a life where you are in love every day, how to exchange your upset, anger, fear, sadness, and self-judgment, for love and delight, and how to bring the sense of joy, peace, happiness, self-honoring, and creativity into your life every day. And, how to do all that while you live a real life, with real people, real children, and real needs of your own. Heaven on Earth, I say.”
Power Coupling

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