Confidence In Action


Confidence in Action

Working with Kate feels both safe and powerful.
She combines loving, heartfelt, caring attention, with effective tools and grounded, insightful feedback. When I am super scared she holds with me until the fear subsides, then she invites me to explore using powerful tools. And when I’m fully landed back in myself and feel fully expressed she offers feedback that I’m ready to hear.
I love working with Kate.
Kate invites me to see the world through a new filter – one of beauty and abundance, and pleasure. I will not buy something or not do something because I have a story that I can’t and Kate can always open up the vista for me to see how of course – the beautiful, the simple, the joyous, the fun are all within my sphere.
As a result of working with Kate I have increased my appreciation of my body and my beauty. I have a wardrobe that invites me into my essence – I feel elegant, beautiful and confident. What I loved about the process is that it was a coaching session woven through a day of shopping. So that the experience was healing, fun and pleasurable while also leaving me with great clothes I know I look fabulous in.
On a physical level she helped me see what is true about my body. Learning to appreciate all its uniqueness and then inviting me to know how I wanted to show up and how I wanted to feel in the world. She then helped me see how some clothes worked better to bring it all together so that I could feel gorgeous and look great.
I am able now to choose clothes on my own because I got a real sense of what it feels like when I am wearing what looks great.
She showed me how paying attention to the fundamentals and the basics helps to support me feeling and looking fabulous. In terms of clothes it meant starting with great bra’s. Nothing is more of a confidence booster than putting on a gorgeous bra that supports my body. This is also a metaphor for paying attention to anything simple and fundamental to my self care. Eating well, drinking water, having fun. Kate inspires all of this.
Sarah White Carr
Executive Coach