Deep Listening

In doing my Nonviolence Practice of Deep Listening for today, I chose to listen within. I am learning to listen and cooperate with what I am guided to do.

Just after Wayne left for an evening meeting, I was feeling a bit at loose ends, no reading, no tv, rest was what seemed right and I sensed a call to lie down on the floor. On the same floor, and almost in the same place I fell…
Two hours have passed as I have been immersed in a loving power guiding me gently and with my breath to move slowly and carefully into the healing of my head, neck, and shoulder. This guidance was not from my thoughts or my ideas but impulses to move that came to me through my surrender to a sense of love surrounding me in the moment. It has been the most extraordinary experience.

As a bodyworker I have had these experiences with and through others I was serving. This was a first through a deep listening within and for myself.

When I say Love is Everything I mean it. Everything. ♥️

And it is here for You, as You, with You, and through you.

It is me. It is you. It is All. ♥️

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