FORGIVENESS: Day 29: February 27

Forgiveness is not a simple act but in many ways a reorientation to life itself. As we remember that life dwells within us all as a sacred gift, we turn within and wonder deeply about how it could come to be that someone would choose to hurt or harm us. As our compassion rises and reminds us of times we have been unkind or caused hurt, we see that we were, even then, doing our best at that moment based on how we were thinking, conditioned and how much fear was arising in us. While the behavior is not condoned nor accepted, the “letting go” of the story of the other’s inexcusable self or unworthiness of our love, frees up our love once again. When we judge another, even one who has hurt us, we cannot freely love ourselves. Compassion for all leads us to wonder and be able to see with love, even when we must hold a boundary to uncaring behavior. This is very hard work and yet a gift each of us deserves from each other and ourselves. All is forgiven in Love your innocence is reclaimed. All my love as we travel this terrain together each day~ Katherine❤️

Today’s Practice: There are more important things than remembering a hurt. write a letter to forgive someone and move on with life. You do not have to mail the letter. ❤️


Days 22-48 Focus on interpersonal change. In order to create a peaceful world, we must learn to practice nonviolence with one another in our day-to-day interactions.

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