Full Body Reverence


Full Body Reverence

Katherine is an inspirational guide to feeling beautiful, sensual, expressive, empowered and spiritual, and to enjoying life fully.
Her exquisite integration of body, mind, and spirit practices lights me up!
Katherine’s courageous expression of her own feminine power and sensuality is totally delightful and contagious to be around. I have a huge crush on Katherine.
I am ecstatic to have her guidance as I up-level my business image and magnetize the life and relationships of my dreams!
~ Christel Arcucci Soul Centered Prosperity Mentor, www.SoulCenteredProsperity.com



Styling With Soul

Before working with Katherine I was struggling with my own sense of style. I knew I wanted to present myself in a new and updated way but had no idea how to do that.
Right from the start Katherine had a way of making me feel loved and comfortable while she took over with her amazing knack with styling, and worked magic on my look, and confidence, and wardrobe.
I had never really thought that how I dressed was that bad or even that important to pay attention to, until I had the experience of working with someone who takes this into an art form. Katherine is a true artisan of her craft, she has an ability see and enhance your essence, and at the same time create an experience that touches your spirit. I now have the confidence to know what looks best on me, wear it with ease, and feel so much more positive about myself as a result!
This is styling with soul, and is a must -have experience for anyone in business, or who just wants to enhance their well-being.
~ Sandy Dow



Seeing Her Queen-ness

So in effect your gift, Penny and Katherine – was that it reconnected me with my roots, my mother, whom I had sworn to not be like in so many ways.
Now I see the good in her queen-ness. She was always being herself.
It was very unconventional though, and she sure was an awkward mom. But she always exuded wealth and royal taste, and fought so hard to be recognized for her skills and talents.
Much much love to you sisters. You never know what your gift will transpire. You are my wealth!!
~ Kaioko Omari