Heaven On Earth

amidst the vagaries of life everyday what moves in us as the deepest of rivers is the true potential of heaven on earth ~
we embark anew each moment in the journey of unfolding to our truest nature in the true nobility of our soul.

This is the work of life.

This river of light exists within us all. In some it is only perceptible as the faintest spark of light. But nonetheless exists.
Will that be sufficient or enough when it’s potential is a full blown burning ardor in our soul?

We all hear the Call.

How brave will we choose to be?

Will we let go, open, and follow this powerful and noble desire to be free?

I share my deepest commitment as I share my wholeheart on this journey to go where I am called each moment, each day.

Peace. Freedom. Love. Partnership. And Joy. Always.
Each Moment.
Each Day. It is Love.

It is heaven on earth. It is possible.

For me.
For you.
For All as we are One.
Even now.
Right now.

Prayerful blessings of grace to each and every one of us in the coming of the light

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