Innocence and Gentleness

There was something about this early foggy morning that opened my  heart to a gentleness and innocence that blesses us from within.

As we began the birthing Raw Naked Beauty there was a sense of these two qualities in the moment as we came together.

We really are so innocent still.

As we came together, no matter our life experience, or our age,  or our circumstances, when we connected  with the quality of innocence there was a beautiful gentleness that flowed around us ~ a peace and a stillness that allowed us to approach ourselves without reservation and with Reverence for the beautiful souls that we were birthing more fully and visibly into life.

The sense of our soul connection to ourselves and to each other lead us on a deep healing journey and into a beautiful expression of ourselves on our day together.

And what a joy that was.

So, we endeavor to remember that we are innocent, and with gentleness we open full of grace to the beauty within us as it radiates to the surface of our lives.

We feel the love, give the love, receive the love and ultimately are the love as we Presence this face of our humanity as we own our place of Beauty  in the Oneness of the Field of Love.

All my love,


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