Intimate Partnership Book

My new book has arrived!

Intimate Partnership: The Essential Guide to Feeling Sexy, Connected, and Whole

It’s time to bring that spark, that special something, back into your marriage.

Your marriage is still good, and yet it feels like it has lost something. The years of obligations and demands have taken their toll on the connection in your partnership. You are great friends and good teammates, but you want something more. You are solid but you yearn to also feel sexy again. As life changes, the kids grow up, and priorities shift, you are ready for a deeper, more juicy connection with your partner but don’t feel like you know how to jump in and change things.

You want to feel loved, adored, and inspired again. You want that extra spark and that deeper connection to your husband too. You want that intimacy to fuel your marriage and your life.

Katherine McClelland helps women find their way back to their passion and their intimate essence so they can once again enjoy a delicious and sexy sense of playfulness, desire, and deeper connection in themselves and their marriages. Now she has gathered the best nuggets of the partnership and sexuality work she has done with couples to share with the world!

In Intimate Partnership, you will discover:

  • Ways to make a difference and deepen your partnership right away
  • The key steps to feel sexy again and bring the spark back to your marriage
  • Practices to feel more relaxed, playful, and connected
  • Secrets of letting go to feel more joy and pleasure in your life
  • The path to open yourself to the highest possibility of your loving partnership

Intimate Partnership will give you the fuel to re-kindle your passion and dive into deep delight and connection your marriage. Your beautiful life awaits!

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