Ministerial Services


Ministerial Services


The journey of my life has been one of ‘rebellious resourcefulness’ as I have learned to find what I needed in places that were seemingly devoid of what I needed, locating the possible in the midst of what was apparently impossible. I did that with the assistance of others in connection to the unseen realms that I eventually found were always at the ready to soften the blows, embrace my heartache and breathe new life into my heart. And it is my mission that you know you can do this too ~ akin to Albert Camus ~ ( adapted from Rob Brezsny)

We need each other to find our way. It is our connection to each other, drawing us into the company of the Divine that invites us into the perfection and beauty of moments that seem devoid of comfort, or depth or wisdom. In the journey we embark on together we will find our way into the power and the vision of our One connection to the wholeness of life. That will determine the quality of our journey, the satisfaction of our daily lives, and the powerful experience of being on a sacred path that we alone define, that allows for us a sense of fulfillment in out lives.

A blessing or a ritual to invite the sacred

If you need a blessing or a ritual to invite a greater sense of the sacred into a home, a family, a death, a life, a celebration, this is for you.

When something happens in our lives it is important to take the time to experience the depth and power of the experience. Often these moments pass even when we celebrate, without a sense of the depth of the impact that a new commitment, or a letting go will have. By creating a sacred ceremony or ritual we are taking the time to slow down and feel the power of this particular passage. These ceremonies are rich and integrating carrying a sense of the continuity and oneness of all life, and whether created specifically for you, or adapted from an already beautiful ceremony, you will be held gently where many have been held before. This creates a coherence of human experience hand in hand with the spirit of the divine ~

The cost is simply for my time spent actually in the ceremony or creation of the ceremony with you. What is intangible and not directly paid for, what you will also be receiving, is your presence on my altar and in my daily prayers, I will be seeking guidance and intuition as to how it will all flow. We will travel a journey together from our first conversation through clarification and coaching if necessary to our moments in ceremony and then forever in my heart ~ in the 24 hours before ceremony, you will be in the field with me in consciousness, and in the 12 preceding hours you will be by my side in spirit as I center and focus my attention on the special moments that lead up to your day, on the beauty of your ceremony, and on the wisdom that is wanting to access us in the moments of the ceremony itself.

This is my ministerial work which I am deeply honored to share in service.


Sacred Practices: Prayer, Centering, Invocation $7/minute


Ceremonies: Marriages, Memorials, Blessings, Rituals $350/hour ceremony
$250/hour design
(travel expenses and travel time extra)


If you are looking for ongoing spiritual support please refer to Personal Offerings page.

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