You are the Center

I see You, beyond your seeing of you.

Whether it is love that you want or joy or a family or a partner or a lover or a friend. Whether it is to build a business or a home, or to stand for something that is meaningful for you. Whether it is peace on earth or to end world hunger. Whatever it is, it is who you are being as you create that dream that will determine your results and your life.

Together we will meet you as you find your personal alignment, the place of wholeness where your life makes sense, the place where you are sourced, where you are proud of the Self you are and are being. We will listen and learn about you together, and help you to know how to be true to you, and how to make your choices from a place of being present, consistent, clear, congruent, and whole.

From here you are able to take risks, to love deeply, to live honestly, to feel and experience life to the fullest, to Be the person you so want to be, and to live the life of your dreams that you will have the courage and freedom to live.

My skills, presence and access to wisdom will support you in attuning, exploring, and letting go of anything that is in the way … illuminating and expanding your potency beyond what even your imagination says is possible.

I am here to see you and invite you into your best Self, that which already lives within you. You are free beyond any circumstances of your life, to be who you choose to be no matter what is happening in your life, what you are doing with your life or what you are doing with your vision.

I am here for You.

In this full living you will be transformed. You will be the Leader in yourself, your life, your world.
Now is the time. You are ready.

You are the One you have been waiting for.

In Depth Journeys into The Self
Leadership and Mastery

Finding You.
Finding Peace.
Finding Passion, Power, and Possibility.
All from the Center of You.



All sessions are an eclectic blend of Katherine’s skills and aptitudes
and include access to all of her areas of expertise.

All sessions (in person or not) will include a variety of the following if
appropriate or desired:
heart centered listening, coaching, spiritual guidance, wholeness and
healing guidance, deep restorative healing, wholeness and healing
care, health and wellness, practices for Self Mastery and Leadership,
Prayer, Centering, and holistic Beauty Alchemy.

In-person sessions and weekend retreat days may also include gentle
body/mind/heart & soul healing including :
hands-on healing, oncology massage, energy work, spiritual healing,
release work,
alignment and other body centered practices.




Personal Triage
From Chaos to Calm


When life has lost you. When you find yourself in a moment of disorientation or even disbelief. How did you get here? Where are you now? What do you want? Where do you even begin to find your way?

Perhaps you find yourself at the effect of one way of coping. Does some one thing feel like it dominates your life, brings you relief but not satisfaction, or you have created a sense of distance from the world?

Together we take a deep breath, take stock, look at what is true, and, look at what is not. Help you see more clearly, begin to find your center, your way, your breath, your life.

These offerings provide an opportunity for us to create some quick support, clarity and space, before we consider a deeper dive.

Scheduled in advance or on short term notice subject to availability

For a free 1 hour consultation to explore working together, reach out on the contact page >

Personal Exploration
From Reacting to Creating


Do you feel at loose ends, that nothing is really wrong but nothing is really right either? Does your life feels empty, without fulfillment? Are you bored, disinterested, or can’t work up excitement anymore? Or perhaps you find that what has brought you relief is either becoming a crutch or an annoyance. And, it all looks like it is coming from outside you. Are you are noticing a tendency to blame others and life for not having what you are looking for?

This is a good time to step in to some short term support and get a sense of what might be possible, a new vantage point or a mind set.

For a free 1 hour consultation to explore working together, reach out on the contact page >

These offerings provide an opportunity for us to create some quick support, clarity and space, before we consider a deeper dive. The most robust option and the one that will offer you the best results, is the third option above which provides the greatest opportunity for teaching, healing and clarification.

Personal Transformation
From Surviving to Thriving


This is for you if you are tired of going it alone, of telling yourself that one more book, one more public seminar, one more week at work, one more new job, new city, new anything is going to make the difference you have been waiting for years to have in your life.

This journey is for the truly committed soul. The one who finally knows that this is the time that they have been waiting for, this is the time when you are finally going to say to yourself, “I AM worth it. I AM exquisite. I deserve to be happy, fulfilled and have my Hearts Desires met in my life.”

It is time for you to take on the support of someone who is loving, compassionate and kind. The kind of kind that will share what is limiting you with you. Who is kind enough to give you the gift of your own seeing and to invite you to scale some obstacles to the life of your dreams. And who will be on the journey with you each day. Not now and then. Each Day. When you need support. Anytime.

This is only provided to a few clients at a time. And provided only to those for whom this type of work is fruitful. You will be required to do your part. If you do this, you will be successful. This is personal Attention for personal Transformation and Immediate results. You are Ready. You Deserve it. The rest of your beautiful life is waiting for you.

Service is provided on a retainer basis in order to support deep work with consistent generous feedback, designed to create powerful transformation and immediate results.

Specific times and durations for retreats, meetings and ad-hoc contact will be focused on supporting the creation of the results you are looking for and the nature of the contact that you need in order to be successful – this is a deeply supportive opportunity to receive as much close, in the moment contact as you want and desire.

All A La Carte and Ministerial Services offerings are included in the retainer packages.

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