Raw Naked Beauty




Raw Naked Beauty
A Selection of Tributes


Christine Labee
     – In Memorium



Rite of Passage


About a year ago, I knew I was at a coming of age stage in my life as a young woman. I knew I wanted have the feeling of stepping into my own beauty and self worth, within and without. To mark this rite of passage within myself, I felt called to an experience of being photographed in the nude. As I researched various photographers who offered boudoir shoots, I found myself feeling completely panicked at the mere thought of being in nothing but my delicates (or less) in front of complete strangers. Fortunately for me, a close friend who knew Katherine highly recommended I contact her about the type of experience I truly wanted to create for myself.


I first met Katherine over the phone, and within minutes of our conversation, I knew I wanted her to be at the helm of photo shoot experience. Katherine held such a solid space of love, care, sensitivity, and respect through her presence in our first encounter, and it won my implicit trust in her immediately.


She very quickly grew to become a friend, mentor, and ultimately, my midwife into womanhood. I had shared with her my desire to go through the Raw Naked Beauty program twice, with a six month period in between. My intention was to create a before and after experience for myself, and I knew that the photographs would be a tangible barometer for my own growth, physically, at the very least.


Well, the experiences and the photos didn’t disappoint. In fact, they far exceeded anything I could have possibly imagined. Katherine worked very closely with Sarah, her photographer who also happens to be one of her trusted friends, and between the compassionate way they both held space for me to be photographed, I felt at ease and open- not just in my own skin, but with them as well. It was a remarkable experience, considering I had never before done a photo shoot.


By the time I left both of my Raw Naked Beauty days, I could feel the depth of such a sweet intimacy within myself, the beauty and power in every cell and crevice of my body, and more importantly, within my own heart. The photos were the furthest thought from my mind, and when I did receive them, they took my breath away.


Thank you Katherine and Sarah for all of your love, care, and kindness as you ushered me into my own beauty and femininity. Your love and support for me helped open me up to my own love and support for myself.


~ Reena


Honoring My Baby’s Home


In the past, I would have felt too self-conscious to be a subject in a photo shoot.


And if I did find myself in such a situation, I’m sure that throughout the experience, I would have wondered if I was doing it right. Was I posing correctly, did I look stupid, was I being captured at flattering angles? Would I hate the way that I looked and feel embarrassed if other people saw my photos?


The only reason I agreed to participate is because of Katherine. I trusted her and I felt captivated by her vision and her passion for the project. With that as the backdrop, I wanted to challenge myself to a new experience and open myself up to unknown possibilities.


The truth is that my thoughts and doubts did creep in periodically. But I was able to dismiss them. I overrode them by allowing myself to trust Katherine and Sarah, the photographer. I also allowed it to be okay if I ended up hating the resulting photos. And with that, I decided not to worry and to just be in the moment, relax, go inside and feel what I was feeling.


At eight and half months pregnant, I had brief moments of judging myself for being lazy, for just laying there and not trying to move or pose in any particular way. This was Raw Naked Beauty, and yet I didn’t feel like trying to be anything in particular, trying to be sexy or sensual, or even look beautiful or like something that I had seen in magazines. Instead, I let it be okay to honor the reality of how my pregnant body was feeling, and it was clear to me that stillness was what my body called for. During those moments, my body didn’t really feel like my own, but more like my baby’s home. My instinct was to focus inwardly on my breath and my baby, and so I allowed my breath to be my movement.


Whether it was my internal experience, the genius behind the way Katherine so lovingly set the mood and the experience, or the talent of the amazing photographer, I was amazed by the results. I was pleasantly surprised to find that I wasn’t the least bit embarrassed by any of the photos, even the ones that revealed my perceived “flaws.” The photos looked great, and in fact, the best way to describe them would be to say that they captured my internal experience to a tee! I felt that I could even be comfortable sharing them with others. Thanks to Katherine, Sarah, and the other amazing women with whom I shared the day for an incredible experience!


~ Ali ~ Santa Monica



Every Woman


Working with Raw Naked Beauty was a liberating experience as I was able to bring forward more confidence living in my older body.


I believe this is an experience that every Woman could benefit from. It is an opportunity to really release all the judgements we tend to place upon ourselves and our bodies.


I felt Safe, Supportive, and Soulfully Sexy.


~ Susan



Falling In Love With My Body


I was fortunate to participate in Katherine’s first Raw Naked Beauty experience in Malibu with the wonderful photographer, Lucinda. This was a body-loving and self-loving experience on so many levels because I grew up with a lot of shame about my body and curves — after hearing a lot of name-calling and judgments about my thighs, hips and butt.


Our day started in a gorgeous setting with a calm and peaceful meditation and silent journal writing – where I got to get centered and set my intention for the day. The trio session that Katherine facilitated really helped me clear away the body-image barriers I’d been holding onto to. Lunch was so healthy and nurturing. And when it was my turn to go in front of the camera, there was so much ease and grace. I took my time and revealed my body at my pace. There was no rush. Direction and suggestions were given when I asked for it. It was all about my experience of self-love. It was like I was a model (in my own mind) for a day and it was my chance to celebrate and adore myself in a way I never allowed myself to do in the past as “good enough”.


What happened after was MAGIC. When I got my photos I felt like I fell in love with my body for the first time. I look at them to remember that amazing day and get anchored in my feminine power and beauty. Before dates I get a quick boost of self-love.


~ Judi





Give Yourself This Moment


My day of Raw Naked Beauty was so uplifting….a loving gift to myself, made possible by the inspiring, authentic, caring spirit that is Katherine, and the oh so talented photographer, Lucinda Rae.


Every photo is beautiful….and the feelings evoked from that day were love, divine feminine power, and authenticity.


I highly encourage every woman to give herself this moment that will last forever.



Naked Body, Naked Soul


I can’t stop thinking about yesterday, my experience and the wonderful work you’re doing. You’re a Goddess and I’m so honored to know you.


You created a very loving and relaxed atmosphere that allowed me to embrace my naked body and show my naked soul.


~ Evie


From a friend who saw two of Evie’s photos:


How wonderful you look, Evie — radiant, from your depths. All the excellent care you’ve taken of yourself in this past year or so is making your soul visible. Nothing’s more beautiful than that.



Incredibly Beautiful


HUGE props to Katherine McClelland for making me feel so incredibly beautiful, natural and comfortable during her Raw Naked Beauty photo shoot.


An amazing experience in accepting yourself for any woman that I highly recommend!


~ Agatha



Before Me, After Me


Going through Raw naked beauty was an amazing, integrative experience for me.


Reframing my experience with my body from something that needed to be fixed to accepting and loving it for the sacred temple that it is has been major. It has brought the very real physical level healing to all the work I had previously done on a mental and emotional levels.


There is a before and after for me, like a rite of passage.


~ Maria



My Husband, My Self


I originally wanted to do the Raw Naked Beauty project because I wanted to give the pictures to my husband as a gift to him on our wedding day. However, what I got from participating in this project with Katherine was so much more than having beautiful pictures of myself to give to my husband.


I walked away from the Raw Naked Beauty day feeling transformed in the way that I saw my body and myself as a woman. Prior to this, I never felt comfortable in my naked skin, I tried to hide my body and saw multiple flaws in my physical appearance. However, Katherine helped make me feel so safe, so calm and so beautiful that I was able to feel incredibly free in my body, mind and spirit as we took my pictures.


When I saw my photos, I saw myself in a completely different way – I saw my beauty, my gentleness, my femininity and for the first time ever I was proud of my body. I now have a new sense of confidence in my body and see myself as beautiful. And when I gave the pictures to my husband on the morning of our wedding day, he was able to see my rawness, my beautifulness and my nakedness in a whole new way that he had never seen before and tears fell down our cheeks as we took in the beauty in the photos. Giving the pictures to my husband was not only an amazing gift to him, but an amazing gift to myself.


I’m so grateful for this experience and would highly recommend it to anyone who is looking to step more fully into their beauty, femininity and love of their body.


~ Elsie S


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