You are the Center

I see You, beyond your seeing of you.


Too many times our stories of our selves and our relationships are just that. Stories. Too many times we sacrifice what is possible to a story that it is not possible. Too much damage is done by believing those stories and giving up.

What if there is more to you and your relationship than you have every imagined? What if no matter how each of you have behaved, or are behaving, that you both have a good reason for that and might even do it again if the circumstances were the same.

What if that is the good news.

What if instead of your life taking a predictable path of giving up on a relationship that has gotten hard, you make a stronger choice, a bigger choice? What if you decide you are going to do something different? Something others say is impossible, something even you might think is impossible, but you hope you are wrong.

What if the breakdown is really an invitation to look deeply into what might be precious and deliberately developmental about who you have been and who you might decide to choose to be? What if this is the very thing that might save your life, turn you around, and give you the life of your dreams?

If this is to be possible you must be willing to look, to dream, to imagine something other than what has been operating in your world up until now. You will be asked to let go, release and allow something new. Because you need something new.

What if making a difference in your life is up to you? If you see this, then I want to walk with you, share the adventure, as you find your way, find your truth and get yourself the life you deserve.

In Depth Journeys into The Self
Leadership, Mastery, Partnership

Finding You.
Finding Peace.
Finding Passion, Power, and Possibility.
All from the Center of You.





All sessions are an eclectic blend of Katherine’s skills and aptitudes
and include access to all of her areas of expertise.

All sessions (in person or not) will include a variety of the following if
appropriate or desired:
heart centered listening, coaching, spiritual guidance, wholeness and
healing guidance, deep restorative healing, wholeness and healing
care, health and wellness, practices for Self Mastery and Leadership,
Prayer, Centering, and holistic Beauty Alchemy.

In-person sessions and weekend retreat days may also include gentle
body/mind/heart & soul healing including :
hands-on healing, oncology massage, energy work, spiritual healing,
release work,
alignment and other body centered practices.


Relationship Triage
From Conflict to Connection


Do you find yourself at your wits end? Possibly about to make a choice that you cannot come back from? A choice that may end up on the hard side of having let yourself down, of having depleted your resources in an effort to get some relief, of having broken your agreements with yourself and others because you have not been getting your needs met?

You know you are at a choice point and on the brink of destroying something you have worked hard to create. BUT you MUST be seen and heard. You must be honored and respected. You finally have had enough and you must provide for yourself what you have sacrificed for others for too long.

You are right. You must get your needs met. You must be honored and respected.

And, yet, you must not act yet.

There is plenty of time to act in any direction once there is balance restored in your system, once you have gotten filled enough to think clearly, once you have looked yourself in the eye and seen what is really true. Once you have shared and gotten some feedback, once you have stopped blaming others or the world around you for what you do not have. Once you are willing to make changes to see how you are part of the problem, and once you are willing to chose to become part of the solution.

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Relationship Exploration
From Reacting to Creating


Traditionally we believe the choices when things are hard in our relationships are:

  • Staying in the relationship in pain, numbing out, getting sick… or
  • Leaving in pain, upheaval, regret, and the high chance of repeating this again, loss of every kind health, financial, community, family, friends, home … or
  • Quitting love relationships altogether, risking the pain of loneliness and isolation … and non-fulfillment of our hearts desire

Really these are all unfortunate non-solutions.

Beyond these choices, that are too often the only result of the traditional approach to relationship problems, there is another solution ~ it is powerful. It may be the only thing that stands a chance of creating clarity that will invite real solutions and creativity. This road begins by giving each of you back to yourselves. This has the highest possibility to transform your depleted relationship into a thriving partnership.

Working out your differences and becoming a powerful loving family unit again is a priceless result for you, your children, your community and your budget. If, in the end, that is not the desired result, a divorce that is amicable and that does not require attorneys can save many thousands of dollars, and more importantly save the minds and hearts of you all.

This work is intensive, unique and designed to provide a high level of direct support and healing to each of you and to your relationship.

Below are a number of possibilities for a 4 week initial intensive to quickly support you in your relationship and add in some tools for partnership to bring some peace and space into whatever the situation is that needs some attention.

While my recommendation is for both parties to participate I am providing both individual and partnership based scenarios below as possible examples:

For a free 1 hour consultation to explore working together, reach out on the contact page >

These offerings provide an opportunity for us to create some quick support, clarity and space, before we consider a deeper dive. The most robust option and the one that will offer you the best results, is the third option above which provides the greatest opportunity for teaching, healing and clarification for both of you. If we decide to continue to work together after this initial 4 week period, the rates are available as 3/6/12 month retainers and are outlined in the Deep Transformation services outlined below.

Relationship Transformation
From Relationship to Partnership

This path.

This path is truly the path of Transforming yourself through the Transformation of your relationship into a Partnership. This is the deepest work there is. This is the work of the Spirit of our humanity not the strength of our ego.

This work can be done by one partner or both, and even if done with both, in many cases sessions will be conducted one on one. Transformation to Partnership is a victory over all of our instincts, all of our hard wired defenses and all of our hard wired knee jerk reactivity. This is no easy task. And you (with or without your partner) will only be taken on as a client if you are willing to do your part.

This is not for the faint of heart. Not for a dilatant. This is personal. And I will be personal with you. And this work is Universal. This work is the most powerful work available for transformation. This is confronting and intense. And will provide you with the greatest level of freedom and joy that you will ever find should you decide to fully step in, take it on and find the secrets of life within it.

The choice is yours. I am here waiting for you when you are ready. . I have done my work. I know the way. I look forward to our journey together.

~ Lets go.~

Service is provided on a retainer basis in order to support deep work with consistent generous feedback, designed to create powerful transformation and immediate results.

Specific times and durations for retreats, meetings and ad-hoc contact will be focused on supporting the creation of the results you are looking for and the nature of the contact that you need in order to be successful – this is a deeply supportive opportunity to receive as much close, in the moment contact as you want and desire.

All A La Carte and Ministerial Services are included in any of the retainer packages.

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