SELF-FORGIVENESS: Day 20: February 18

Self-Forgiveness is a Deep Process of Letting Go. We are not so much forgiving our actions, we are all human and have times when we do what we are not proud of. Real forgiveness comes from letting go of the judgments we continue to hold against ourselves long after an offense is complete, and apologies and amends have been made.

Holding ourselves to an impossible standard of perfection leads us to forget the beauty, power and creative Spirit that we are. We are love. Remember that first and forgive yourself for all the things you judge yourself for both real and imagined. Peace, Joy, and Love are the outcomes of this practice. You are worth your own seeing of the Truth about yourself. ~ I see the truth about you and I love you, Katherine 🙏

Today: “Knowing that who you are is greater than what you have done and not done, have and not have, today forgive yourself for forgetting the good that is you.”

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