Sick and Tired to Healed and Vibrant

I want you to feel great in your body everyday! Do you know that you can make a significant difference in the way your body feels in just a few weeks? That you can rid your body of many conditions by how you love yourself with food? Do you know that lots of things that you think are “just the way it is now that you are getting older” is Not true? That things you might have been told to live with are curable? or at least have a significant reduction of symptoms and discomfort through natural food, gentle steady movement, and some re-alignment and  life practices (one minute breathing mediations, etc)  to alleviate some of the stressors in your life.

Lets talk about your body! …i do so love these temples we are living in and, I would love to find out what is going on for you and help you create a body experience that is fun, effortless, graceful, and pleasurable. I am committed to you enjoying  making a difference and feeling good doing it!

I am working my tushy to the bone… well almost… creating a business that supports women in having beautiful~wild~sacred~feel~good~bodies ~ together we can heal pain, alleviate symptoms, bring balance to our bodies, balance weight and Feel Great ~ I am so excited about women seeing what is possible ~

here’s my story: 

When I broke my arm 10 years ago it was a catalyst for a series of major changes in my life. The first 5 years were spent healing my arm and the dissolution of my marriage. Just as my arm was finally healing after 5 surgeries, I was confronted with 2 “abnormal cell tests” and a lump in my breast. I took some very big steps toward self care and self healing in all areas of my life, including physically separating from my husband, which resulted in all 3 biopsies coming back negative 6 weeks later. I consider that one of the miracles of my life.
For the next two years I started eating in a very disordered way, I was eating everything and then nothing, and then I went on a crazy diet to get some weight off and almost destroyed my health. Almost 52, I was in so much joint pain I was up to 9 Advil a day just to cope. In addition, the weight I had lost did not stay off.  I was over weight and very under happy, I had a pre diabetes scare, a Lupus skin condition, and a ongoing concern about a possible systemic Lupus condition, arthritis in my hands, pain in my feet and aching pain everywhere in my body. 
I started a clarifying journey for myself about how important the care of my Body, Mind, Spirit, and Heart were to my wellbeing. And well, mostly how much I wanted to enjoy the next 50 years of my life. My parents were spry and at 89 years old, riding bikes and hiking and I could barely get out of bed. I was really beginning to be debilitated by the pain. So I studied and read and “digested” and walked and moved and grooved, all along the way using myself as the test subject.  I took this on as a self loving project. I moved slowly and with a lot of “hiccups”. I made a lot of mistakes and learned a lot along the way. And, what I know now is that so much more than we think  is possible if we approach ourselves with love and a genuine desire to transform.
Today at almost 55, I have been declared fully healed by my doctors (and my blood tests). I have not been this healthy in at least 20 years. I feel as good as I did when I was 14. I used every natural therapy I could give myself, fed myself carefully, assessed and discerned what was best for me in every part of my life, and took action toward the goal of being healthy, happy and available for fun and life everyday. 
My situation may have been much worse than yours is but even if there is just a small reorientation needed or just alleviating a little arthritis or stress in your body, this system works.
I am available to work with you Now. Pre Thanksgiving, Pre Christmas. Now. Feel Good by Thanksgiving, Great by Christmas, and on top of the World by New Years Eve. 
I love you and I want this for each and every one of you. It is so fantastic to have a strong, powerful, supple body built on a foundation of your own loving. <3   If I can do it, so can you. You have my word.    Lets go for it, all my love,   Katherine   ps. Oh and I started out just to lose 5 lbs  (as per my Drs orders) and feel better. Through the process of improving my health and feeling better, my weight balanced and stabilized after 3 years at 126 from 166 lbs, with the result of vibrant health and vivacious play in my life everyday. 

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