True Aliveness. Full Living.
Freedom. Courage. Impact. Legacy.

Katherine has had a colorful and varied life. She has worked diligently in all the fields that she teaches and speaks from her life experiences, training, lessons learned, truths gleaned, wisdom accessed and of course ‘mistakes’ she has made, and continues to make, along the way.

With 30 years as a Speaker, Facilitator of Groups and Leader of Sacred Ceremony Katherine is an engaging and vivacious presenter, inviting participation and embodiment of concepts as an avenue to real learning, growth and transformation.

Katherine uses a variety of techniques and practices from her training and experience to ground the teachings that she offers. She believes that active participation gives each person a real sense of the value of the information and helps them to make it their own.

Her bottom line is that in order for life to be good it must lived fully, in our humanity, with honor and respect and caring in our bodies, minds and souls. A good life is lived with our hearts open, first to ourselves, and then to the planet and all other beings. No aspect of our daily lives, be it business, pleasure, family, friends, health, happiness or satisfaction can ever be separate from the others or from our center. She is certain, as she eventually learned, that a life of sacrifice does not lead to a good life, and that care for the Self and Love of the Self is the key to caring and love for All.

Katherine is skilled at addressing many topics all focussed around the discovery and creation of a meaningful life. She covers topics such as freedom, depth and meaning from the perspective of body/mind, heart and soul. Specifically she speaks on depth and soul in beauty, family, in tragedy and in success. She infuses these topics with the creativity, satisfaction, power and grace that come from a life based in a deep sense of connection to Life.

You will enjoy her. And if history bears out, even if you already know a lot, you will leave with a nugget or a practice or having received a moment of communion, healing or wisdom. Katherine will help you to feel kinder, more loving and more connected. She will inspire you to breathe easier, enjoy your life more, feel happy and proud of yourself, fulfilled in who you are being, knowing what you have received and are in turn offering as your gift in this life.

Living Fully.
Peace. Passion. Power. Partnership.
~ Possibility ~

“If you have never heard this women speak … you have missed a very special experience.”

Eileen Bertsch

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