Stepping In. Standing Strong.

Quite a few times this year of the #metoo movement there have been things in my life that threatened to pull me down river in the swift current of distress and overwhelm. and yet THIS MOMENT, this moment in our history of unprecedented attack on the Feminine by both the patriarchy (I am distinguishing the patriarchy as different from men who are connected and care about women) and women of the patriarchy who have aligned themselves with the patriarchy in the assault on women, THIS MOMENT, I am finally galvanized.


I understand the patriarchal mindset and I understand the not wanting to let it go, but it is going, so come with us or not. We will all find our way.

With most of my abusive sexual and other perpetrators dead or rendered helpless by illness, age or disease, my world feels possibly safe enough to express myself.

I am NOT going to take myself out again for any reason, not BLACKEN MY PHOTO today for any reason. I am here.

I stand for all people to be safe from domestic violence. I am not taking myself out to say it. I stand strong with and for women and men who are being abused in any way.

And I stand here fully visible as a lightpost. I believe my stories and your stories. I know we have been hurt. AND, I also know that we don’t have to be washed away or carried out to sea by our past.

I am Stepping In and I am swimming like hell across the current, not fighting against or getting caught in the rip tide of degradation and disregard for women. I am swimming across the current for freedom with a blessing for all of you in my heart.


Men and Women who care about DR FORD but don’t know what to do, SHARE THIS MESSAGE, COPY AND PASTE this message. DO NOT DISAPPEAR TODAY join me by forwarding this TOGETHER IN SUPPORT OF EACH OTHER, WE CAN CHANGE THE TIDE.

I LOVE US ALL. This is our future. And above All, Be Kind


~ Katherine






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