The LQ Coach





It is in You.

And in Me. And In us ALL.

And that said, in order for me to speak, coach and teach, it requires daily preparation and ongoing dedication to continued unfolding in the field ~ to deep listening, to the development of presence to sense extraordinary sources of information, and to live with a sense of peace and joy and grace each day.

Right now, this consciousness exists in you as some level of emerging potential, and with your commitment to yourself and your life, it will emerge more fully from within you. This sense of yourSelf will give you what you are seeking. There is no search necessary, it is a process of opening, a letting go of what is not working, learning the skills to embrace and magnify that which is already unique and powerful about you, and fulfilling your life from that place.

Ultimately, you will emerge from this work as a Master of your life process. You will choose where you source your life from, create your personal culture that defines the form that Source will take in your life, and develop partnerships that will support your vision. You will emerge aware and engaged and in charge of a great deal of you, your life, your heart, creating fulfillment and realizing the life of your dreams.

For my Clients, who are all my loves:

This work is created in presence with you. Individualized personal conversation and practices are developed and used as each of you unfold and participate, with the end result of a life and experience of Mastery ~ the power of your choice to experience the aliveness of living from your free will in coherence with Loving Consciousness. In this you will have experiences of:

  • Awareness of your Center and choosing from that place
  • Access to intuition and Guidance from your Source
  • Countless moments of deep appreciation and gratitude
  • Unimaginable moments of joy
  • Infinite moments of peace pleasure and freedom
  • Sensuous moments of bliss
  • Playful moments of expansion
  • Ultimate illumination of the blending and interweaving of all the accumulated wisdom sourced from the Infinite.


Katherine’s Preparation and Training

30 years and ongoing, Preparation, Education, Illumination, Implementation and Letting Go for Evolution and Transformation ~ the path of the moment to moment experience of choosing to let go of survival and living a life of doing from fear, to embodying and embracing being alive in a life based in Love.

Katherine’s preparation with the Ultimate Master Coach consciousness is ultimately an ongoing process of letting go of everything within that is not, and simply be guided from source ~ culminating in coherence in mind and body, heart soul and spirit. This is created, as she works, out of opening to truth and the willingness to become a vessel for wisdom and love to flow through her from Source. The hours of study, work and ongoing practice in the areas below make it possible for her to continue to develop and embrace ultimate mastery, that she defines as the potency of life experienced in coherence with Loving Consciousness.

Katherine’s preparation has included at least 10,000 hours of work in the each of the areas below:

  • Meditation
  • One on one coaching giving and receiving experience
  • Preparation and extemporaneous Speaking from the Heart
  • Body Awareness, Nutrition Wellness, Movement and Physical Wholeness Study, Practice Training and Teaching
  • Experimentation, manifestation, and ongoing practice in partnerships and relationships (profit/non profit work/business, teaching, ministerial, community, marriage, co-parenting, family blending, step parenting, family of origin. )
  • Ceremony, blessing, ritual preparation, participation and delivery.
  • Teaching practices of clarity and opening Mind and Body, Heart, Soul and Spirit.


30,000 hours of consciousness expansion training and illumination, experimentation experience and healing

  • INSIGHT; Awakening, Opening, & Centering in the Heart
  • USM; MA and certification, Healing, Wholeness, Spirit Centered Life Mastery, Consciousness Health and Healing, Chakra study and healing.
  • FORUM FOUNDATION; Ordination, DD (Hon) Universal Spirituality, World Religion and InterSpiritual study and implementation in a Spiritual Center setting.
  • HENDRICKS INSTITUTE; Certification, Emotional Freedom and Self Expression, Transformational Leadership, and Mind Body coaching Training and Certification
  • OHM SANCTUARY; Certification in Teaching, Training and MFR, Immersion in Body Alignment practices teaching and training, Myofascial Release bodywork study
  • PAX PROGRAMS ; Licensing and Certification Training and Teaching, Powerful Partnership with Self, others and Spirit for personal and professional empowerment and life enhancement.


15,000 hours of Study and implementation of Course in Miracles and related material.


$1,000,000 investment in Healing, Learning, Training and developing her expertise.


50,000 hours of service in varied capacities; organization to implementation, for peace, spiritual awareness and consciousness raising organizations.


All of these areas continue to be engaged in in order to maintain continued mastery in teaching, consciousness and her own growth and illumination.

“Katherine encouraged me to step more fully into myself as a confidant businesswoman, no longer allowing me to play small.”

Krista Kim