Show Up In The World

I feel empowered by Katherine’s mentoring and allowing myself to shine from my unique truth, beauty, and power … read more

Full Body Reverence

Katherine is an inspirational guide to feeling beautiful, sensual, expressive, empowered, and spiritual – to enjoying life fully … read more

Partnership Up Level

Katherine has been able to shine a light on, and simplify, some of the often complex nuances of intimate relationship
read more

Deeply Well

I could sense my body/mind/spirit receiving all the love in the field you created
read more

Power Of Prayer

Katherine’s prayers have always been a powerfully transformative experience for me … read more

Wonderful Space

So pleased that we got married with you! It was perfect for us both … read more

Expansive Choice

I agreed to work with Katherine hoping to improve my relationship…I left with vastly more.


I learned I could fulfill my heart’s desire and still honor my partner’s wants and needs. … read more

Raw Naked Beauty

Katherine held such a solid space of love, care, sensitivity, and respect through her presence in our first encounter, and it won my implicit trust in her immediately.


She very quickly grew to become a friend, mentor, and ultimately, my midwife into womanhood … read more

Genius of Love

She surrounds everything she does with love … read more

Confidence in Action

Katherine invites me to see the world through a new filter, one of beauty and abundance, and pleasure … read more

Reclaim Your Natural Leadership

Katherine encouraged me to step more fully into myself as a confidant businesswoman, no longer allowing me to play small. Under her coaching I am owning my gifts and crafting my career, relationship, and spiritual practice into a form that works for my ideal lifestyle … read more

Reconnect To You

I feel like I go into the temple to come out rejuvenated and cleansed … read more

Healing Power

Katherine brings a highly focused awareness and finely developed skills … read more

Relationship Expansion

Your teachings are taking us to an all new level of compassion and understanding, both for our partners and for ourselves … read more

Words From The Heart

If you have never heard this women speak …
or heard her heart come out of her mouth, you have missed a very special experience … read more