Whatever Happens – I Am Safe

As I open my heart to the loss to violence again and again as we turn against each other, in my sadness I also grapple with my safety ~ places that I once thought were safe suddenly were not ~ as I have had to do my whole life growing up in the violence that surrounded me.

And, because of that, as the shock and trauma fall away, I am committed to not letting this take me to fear and finger pointing separation from others again. That only hurts me. This is the opportunity to walk in my inner power, and stay connected to myself and to you. If you want something to change, will you join me?

From this place I can take inspired action, I can be a part of whatever solution I am guided to choose. I can become purposeful and I am a powerful force.

And how do we get there?

I recognize the truth that my human life experience is fragile and can go at anytime.

In that awareness I can and have tried the choice to turn toward fear. I can turn inside and arm myself against ‘the threat’, but no matter, to be sure, I do not feel safe, and if someone wants my daily human life they can take it. And if I live behind a fortress of fear they will have taken my life already. I have tried that 1000 times over. I have lived behind high walls, I have lived with machine gun toting guards around my home, I have lived with guns. I have lived with body guards. And in case you are wondering, I have never ever felt safe in those situations. Ever.

And so I choose.

To stay open. Being unarmed and vulnerable makes me stay connected to you and open to extraordinary sources of information that informs me through intuition and awareness. This is truly the only way to safely walk through the world and as an intrinsic bonus I am still myself loving and open and free.

I rest in that knowing no matter what happens to my body, my human life, until the day that I surrender this life one way or another, I am free and I am able to be me, feel my safety and be unarmed in anyway.

It’s not easy but it is well worth it. Will you join me? We are safer in this world together connected to ourselves each other and free.

I turn toward the life that is within me that is behind it all. That life can never be harmed hurt or endangered in any way or taken from me. That life is my deeper life, the one that is universal and eternal and lives in my heart and soul. As I will always be that, that is where my safety lies. No one can take that from me.

If you don’t know how to find that or if you are not sure it even exists, let’s talk explore and give this alternative an option to flow within you. The results are well worth it.


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